Vision And Values

DeltaFlare's vision and values are simple: pioneering a GameFi franchise. DeltaFlare will accomplish this by consistently growing our roadmap with achievable milestones, constantly engaging with our community, partnering with powerhouses in the blockchain, NFT, gaming, metaverse, crypto industries, and leading the way to set the new standard in these rapidly evolving realms. DeltaFlare delivers much more than an NFT, (HONR), P2E game, or metaverse; we provide a comprehensive experience. Every one of our Deltians is a member of our family.

We recognize that many games in the crypto space are limited in their presentation, game mechanics, or storyline. We feel that the evolution in gaming has been remarkable and its integration into the DeFi space is inevitable. We will expedite this by providing a product that has visually appealing graphics and an engulfing storyline with lightning-fast game mechanics.

Gaming has increased year over year. All gamers agree that we have come a long way from the commercial inception of video games in 1972 to the current VR with stunning layers, skins, texture, and depth. The delivery of quality products has set the bar higher with every new release. It is not often that a game comes along that truly touches our hearts and grabs our attention. These gems are outliving their technology and somehow always bring players back to enjoy, repeatedly. With gems like these, which adopt a cult following regardless of how far technology goes, we come back to and play over and over again. DeltaFlare's target is achieving this marvel. We will create the next cult following product that stands the test of time and continues to bring future generations into the fold.

Our ecosystem, partnerships, community, team, and commitment will provide the digital platforms necessary for the embodiment of DeltaFlare (HONR)! Our objective is to create innovative products that stand the test of time, exceeding our previous accomplishments with every release.

This is our standard, our brand, our truth. We are DeltaFlare, and we lead innovation!


Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Respect, Openness, Community, Innovation, Selflessness, Success, Teamwork.

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