Meet our team

Josh Brandlen

Josh is in a constant pursuit to gain knowledge and wisdom. He is pursuing his Bachelor's in ethnography, entrepreneurship, and new venture development, and is positioned to graduate in December 2022 from the University of Arizona. Josh has launched new ventures and has over 15 years of sales experience across a variety of industries.

Carmello Waters aka "Anonmus"

Carmello is a 13-year Satellite Communications Operator. He has 7 years of cryptographic and data encryption experience gained through NSA-certified contractors. Carmello holds a Bachelor of Homeland Security, and he is currently completing his Master of Public Policy: Emergency Management at Arizona State Univerisity.

Jonathan Dicks aka "Deltanaut"

Jonathan is a graphic artist, web designer, and developer of over 26 years, running his own successful digital agency from his UK base. Jonathan brings his own high-quality visual style, graphic talent, and customer relationship experience to DeltaFlare and its community.

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