Utilities And Use Case


DeltaFlare is a crypto-centric community that emphasizes the value of quality NFTs. From visual pleasure to individual attribute uses, every aspect of the process is carefully thought out and developed. We restricted the Genesis Collection to only 400 limited-edition NFT’s, all 400 being a 1 of 1 creative piece. Each DELTAnaut is unique in its design, and they have been well-received within the blockchain technology space.


We are continuously learning and evolving. Since the rapid sellout of our Genesis 400 NFT collection, we knew that developing a 2.5D Play-to-Earn (P2E) Game was our next step. This game will implement DeltaFlare NFTs to create a visually stunning and entertaining game. Our NFTs will be playable characters in our game. While owning one of our NFTs is not proprietary to play the game, owning one of our NFTs will benefit the player as they play.


DeltaFlare plans to implement a system of onboarding other projects into Gamefi. We will lay out an easy-to-follow procedure and create a product that is the quality you will have come to expect from DeltaFlare. We will simplify the process, implement an in-house game development team, walk the clients through each step, and add quality products to the metaverse bearing the DeltaFlare mark, branded on each project. DeltaFlare will be synonymous with GameFi!

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