Token - (HONR)

DeltaFlare’s token, Honor (HONR), is the currency that runs our ecosystem and game economy. It will be the native token to acquire our NFT’s in the future, and HONR is currently tradable on UniSwap.

HONR is the lifeblood of DeltaFlare. The active trading of HONR allows DeltaFlare to make progress in all elements of the project. In turn, the benefits of those elements all return to HONR. This will naturally add volume as we have something for crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors, gamers, and Metaverse explorers.

The token will be utilized in our upcoming Play-and-Earn game, Valor Rising: Quest for the 7. The in game token will be Pride (PRDE), and will not carry a value outside of the game's domain. PRDE tokens will be collected through game play, used to purchase in game items, and eligible to exchange for HONR. HONR can also be used to purchase PRDE to aid in making in game purchases. When players exchange their PRDE tokens for HONR through our internal swap, holders will be faced with a variety of choices: 1) Stake their HONR holdings at to earn passive rewards in HONR. 2) Peruse our directory of partners that accept HONR as payment to buy goods and services. 3) Exchange HONR for ETH using an available DEX.


100,000,000 Max supply

10% Team Allocations - Locked for 180 days

15% Presales - Locked for 90 days

5% Marketing Wallet - Gnosis Multisig Locked for 120 days

45% Holding Wallet / CEX listings- Gnosis Multisig Locked for 120 days

25% onto UniSwap and ShibaSwap - Liquidity Locked

1% tax buy & 10% sell - Gnosis Multisig unlocked for marketing



Team/Presale Lock

Marketing Wallet Lock

Liquidity Lock


Coin Gecko (Coming Soon)

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